A Critique of Veganism.

There are nearly 7 chickens alive right now in cages if you are a meat-guzzler, but 0 if you are a Vegan. Whether it is right to fund this industry matters. (2009, The Economist reported 6.84 chickens alive per person in the US). And yes, it’s more than ‘meat tastes so good’. (Which it does). I’m going to have a look at some philosophical flaws of Veganism (and Vegetarianism) regarding animal ethics. Continue reading “A Critique of Veganism.”

Maybe You Should Vote For People You Think Are Wrong

Philosophy is hard, but it is sometimes unavoidable. We have to make philosophical choices all the time. While you may not come across trolley problems in real life all that much, you will be forced to make choices. You will vote or you won’t. You will eat meat today or you won’t. You will give all your money to charity or you won’t. You will walk around town naked or you won’t.

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How to Spot an Ideologue

It is not hard to find ideologues these days. I mean, YouTube videos with titles like ‘Watch Jordan Peterson DESTROY Leftist Host on Her own Show’ or ‘Talk show host Destroys Conservative’ hardly inspire confidence in the neutrality of their channels! However, sometimes it is more subtle. The key question is how to spot an Ideologue and and then find the flaws in their thinking.

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What is the best language for philosophy?

Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent – Ludwig Wittgenstein

When we engage in philosophy, we tend to do so through language. We usually either speak, write or think aloud. However, we tend to use the tool of our language. It seems important, therefore, if we have the choice, to pick the best tool for the job. There are lots of major tools of philosophy which we could use: English, Latin, Japanese etc. I will however, try to make you consider another which is not in so many philosophers’ toolkits.

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