The Sociable Solipsist

Just your friendly neighbourhood solipsist! I write about all sorts of things, a jack of all trades, master of fun. 

I study Economics at the University of Cambridge.


He likes physics and philosophy, although is not quite sure what the difference is. He writes mostly about them. Having represented his country for physics – and his school for croquet – he is uniquely overqualified for this blog.

Candide studies Natural Sciences at Cambridge University.

The Enlightened Engineer

Don’t judge too soon – Wittgenstein was an engineer!

He has been involved in theatre, climbed mountains and built aircraft. With a unique interest in both the sublime and the practical, he is able to both find beauty and appreciate it. The Enlightened Engineer writes about aesthetics.

The Enlightened Engineer studies Engineering at Oxford University.

The Humble Humanist

With a particular interest in inequality, The Humble Humanist isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. He was Second in the Institute for Economic Affairs’ essay prize last year, and is the best Economist I know. And no, I didn’t meet the person who came first (Sorry)

The Humble Humanist studies Economics at Cambridge University

Devout Doubtful

No-one has yet told him that Solipsism and Christianity are incompatible. Oh well. 

In his own words,

I am a devout Christian and I will be explaining my views. But I am fundamentally doubtful. I was once told that because I could not understand Russian did not mean it was gibberish. Just as I do not understand Russian, while it still has meaning, I do not understand much of the world. Yet, I want to understand more.