What will you write about?

Ethics, Religion, Skepticism, Philosophy of Science, Existentialism…

Who are you?

Depends who’s asking. Which is, of course, me.

I am being a little facetious. I think Nietzsche’s words ring true.

In rare and isolated cases such a will to truth, some extravagant and adventurous courage, a metaphysician’s ambition to maintain a forlorn position, may actually play a part and finally prefer a handful of ‘certainty’ to a whole cartful of beautiful possibilities; there may even exist puritanical fanatics of conscience who would rather lie down and die on a sure nothing than on an uncertain something. But this is nihilism and the sign of a despairing, mortally weary soul, however brave the bearing of such a virtue may appear.

The image below I cobbled together on word using a picture from wordart and by drawing a question mark. At the very least I found it amusing!

What happens when we get bored of you?

Don’t worry! There are going to be some guest authors posting regularly.  


Q: Should I read A Critique of Pure Reason to my children before bedtime? 

A: Yes. It is a well tested sleep aid 

Q: Do you have any relevant qualifications?

A: God, no. Read at your peril. 

Q: Why the hell would a solipsist write a blog for other people?

A: Woah! I think Nietzsche is accurate about the prejudices of philosophers. Hence The Sociable Solipsist  – I don’t act or think like a solipsist, even if when I philosophize I am inclined towards skepticism.

Q: How can a solipsist be sociable?

A: don’t read too much into it, it was just a moderately good sounding name which amused me.